Passionately creating medicines that make a difference requires insights through close collaboration with patients and patient organizations.

Patient insights

UNION’s vision is to passionately create medicines that make a difference. We interact with individual patients and patient organizations to better understand the unmet medical needs among patients and to get insights that are important for our work with both pharmaceutical innovation, for example in relation to drug delivery and ease-of-use of the drug supporting patient adherence, and clinical development, for example with respect to endpoints and the use of quality-of-life metrics in clinical studies.   

Engaging with patients and raising awareness

We are committed to develop safe and effective medicines that can help improve quality of life among patients suffering from immunological diseases. These include patients living with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and hidradenitis suppurativa. We acknowledge the important role that patient organizations have in raising awareness about disease and treatment. 

Our engagement with patient organizations thus serves different purposes:

  • Building a deep understanding of the unmet medical needs among patients
  • Getting insights and advice from patients on both pharmaceutical innovation and clinical development
  • Raising awareness about the burden of disease, for example through patient stories, campaigns, and other disease awareness activities

Transparency in our interactions with patient organizations

UNION wants to help patient organizations speak up about the burden of disease and is a member of the following patient organizations: 

Atopisk Eksem Forening (AEF), membership fee 2022: DKK 1.500. 

Psoriasisforeningen Denmark, membership fee 2022: DKK 2.500. 

HS-patientforeningen, membership fee 2023: DKK 1.500.