UNION has an experienced leadership team and advisors who account for more than 15 drug approvals.

Dr. Kim Domela Kjøller

Chief Executive Officer

Morten H. Boesen

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Rasmus Toft-Kehler

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Morten Sommer

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Per Cantor

Chief Medical Officer

Eckhard Niemeier

Chief Business Officer

Dr. Günter Ditzinger

Chief Technology Officer

Mads Jellingsø

Chief Commercial Officer

Dr. Lutz Wevelsiep

VP of Regulatory Affairs

Per Sørensen

VP of Biometrics

Gina Fischer

Project Director

Tanya Arp Regnersgaard

Project Director

Dr. Philippe Andres

Medical Lead, Dermatology

Dr. Morten Lind Jensen

VP of Medical Science

Danielle Frederiksen

Director of Finance

Dr. Jakob Felding

VP of Research

Peter Nabben

VP of Legal, General Counsel

Alex Rodriguez

Head of Toxicology & Non-clinical Safety

Asger Bering Kristensen

VP of Clinical Operations

Sarah Toft-Jørgensen

Director of Communications and Investor Relations