COPENHAGEN, JUNE 25, 2018 – AntibioTx, a clinical stage, pharmaceutical company targeting antimicrobial infections and microbiome-related disorders, has with the addition of two preclinical studies (Ocular Irritation and Phototoxicity) further strengthened ATx201’s safety profile for topical use.

The Ocular Irritation in vitro study evaluated the potential for causing eye damage using gold standard tests. ATx201 2%, 4% and Placebo were all classified as a non-irritant supporting the safety profile of ATx201 with regards to eye contact.

The Phototoxicity in vivo study determined the potential phototoxic effects of ATx201 Gel formulations when administered topically on the skin of hairless mice, followed by exposure to ultraviolet B, ultraviolet A and visible light.

The results provoked no cutaneous phototoxicity following topical dermal administration of the placebo or 2% or 4% ATx201. Dr. Morten Sommer, CSO of AntibioTx concluded: “The safety of ATx201 is of critical importance due to our focus on diseases that are very common in the pediatric population”.

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