Vibeke Backer, MD, DMSc, is the Chief Respiratory Physician at Department of ENT and Centre for Physical Activity Research (CFAS), Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark.

She has worked in the field of respiratory diseases since 1983 with a focus on obstructive lung diseases, respiratory allergy and lung cancer. Furthermore, she has given scientific talks nationally and internationally on respiratory diseases and has chaired several international congresses. Prof. Backer has published more than 400 articles and is developer and former Editor-in-Chief at the Clinical Respiratory Journal, and currently she is deputy editor at the European Clinical Respiratory Journal, both of which is pubmed index’ed and have impact factor.

Throughout her career, she has developed, chaired, and taught at more than 100 Ph.D. courses and has developed more than 30 specialist courses for health care specialists in asthma and COPD, and worked as an examiner in general medicine, Pulmonary medicine, acute respiratory medicine, OSCE and OSVAL. Currently, she is member of the censor team around foreigners with MD degree and need of Danish authorization.

In 2015, Prof. Backer was part of a team appointed IOC Research Centre Copenhagen by the International Olympic Committee. In 2011, she received the Global Excellence in Health Award for her research in sport and asthma, and in 2008 she was given National Honours in respiratory medicine. Since 2019, she has developed the asthma and physical activity Unit, at center for physical activity research (CFAS), Rigshospitalet, and has been chair of the the Unit of global airways at the department of ENT, also at Rigshospitalet.