Anne, Senior Clinical Program Manager at UNION

Anne works in the clinical operations team at UNION where she is working with the development of one of UNION’s lead molecules, Niclosamide, a potential best-in-class candidate for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 in immunocompromised patients.

“I have a broad variety of tasks spanning from interactions with the medical team to execute on new trial opportunities to ensure UNION is always at the forefront of new opportunities, driving pediatric development plans and fostering cooperation to ensure timely execution of UNION’s clinical trial with Niclosamide.”

A great workplace with many opportunities and responsibilities

Anne adds: “Working at UNION is never boring. The size of UNION, a small, late-stage biotech company, allows for a lot of opportunities and responsibility, and gives a huge diversity in my tasks. I have a lot of great and very skilled colleagues and I like how we support and assist each other to achieve a common goal. I think all of this makes my job very interesting and meaningful.”

Drive execution in an entrepreneurial way

At UNION, we work the UNION Way which means that in our work and when engaging with colleagues and external partners, we strive to fuel ambition, drive execution, and collaborate to win.

“I can greatly identify with the virtue “Drive execution”. When working for a small company it is important to both take ownership and get things done – and very often in an entrepreneurial way.”

Working at UNION

“One of the many great things about working at UNION is the working environment, which is casual, fun and ambitious with a high degree of flexibility. I greatly value working for a small company where we all know each other and where management is nearby for sparring and decisions. Moreover, working at a company with a high degree of flexibility makes it easier to have a good work-life balance.”