Meet Sven, Clinical Trial Manager 

Sven works in the clinical team at UNION where he oversees and coordinates UNION’s clinical trials. Sven is involved in everything from participant recruitment to data quality and stakeholder engagement. As such, a key part of Sven’s job concerns facilitating the collaboration between cross-functional teams, ensuring the advancement of key indications.   

 Our ways of working enable a Patient-driven approach  

“I feel very close to the clinical studies and strongly believe that we are making a difference for patients.” 

UNION pursues a way of working that minimizes silo-work and pursues agility. We believe this substantiates our patient-driven approach, since it allows for widespread patient and expert engagement, enabling efficient clinical progress and ultimately benefiting the patients. 

The UNION way 

At UNION, we have together defined company-wide virtues that embody our ambitions for a healthy working environment. Among these, certain sets of virtues resonate particularly well with Sven, the first one being Fuel ambition and Ignite passion. 

“In clinical trials, there are many potential challenges, some of which can be unforeseen. Therefore, everyone on the team needs to stay focused, engaged, and committed to the project at hand.” 

While individual competencies and expertise are crucial for our operational excellence, the foundation of our organizational progress is found in another set of UNION’s virtues, Collaborate to win and Value expertise: 

“In my day-to-day work I collaborate with cross-functional teams on the study, be it medical, data monitoring, statistics, project specialists, or local study teams in the clinics. The study would be greatly impeded if not impossible without the expert knowledge and engagement of any of these people.” 

Working at UNION 

“The work culture at UNION is positive, ambitious, and fun. There is a strong growth aspect, which is particularly inspiring and enjoyable. There is also a high degree of flexibility, which I firmly believe promotes both happiness and productivity. The people at UNION believe in what they do while also remembering to have personal lives. 
All of this makes the work environment enjoyable and sustainable.”